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Technology allows the fabric more comfortable

Technical Description:

Modern technology applied to the fabric and textile fabrics can produce unusual magic effect, allows surface Feed itself more features, such as: breathable fabric, antibacterial fabric, temperature control fabrics. These technologies Let us sleep environment more icing on the cake.

Hypo-allergenic fabric:

Such fabrics and fabric is based on one of the micro-capsule technology revolutionary technology. Microcapsules containing Sleep probiotics. They are natural microorganisms in yogurt can also be found. Body in bed Pressure and friction pad opened the microcapsules release the probiotic. These probiotics are activated, Remove contains a variety of allergens cause allergies and asthma dust mite droppings.It is a bacterial product environmental health alternatives, is nature's own solution.

Control at any time - temperature regulating fabric:

At any time after the control is a process, so that the fabric shift from passive function of temperature change from the dynamic Reaction.When your body heats the fabric at any time after the control handle depresses evaporation "accelerator." Additional Falling Low temperatures, to produce a cooling effect. At any time control mattresses and pillows to keep you dry and comfortable and improve your The quality of sleep.At any time control keeps you dry all night, per night!

Spirulina Science and Technology - Therapy Body fabric:

The power of the ocean vitamin Spirulina, you sleep best food It is the latter including biological function and beauty of finishing capabilities, from spirulina efficacy for Pillows and mattress ticking.Natural algae extract encapsulated in microcapsules in textile fibers attached. When people sleep through Body mattress fabric extrusion and friction to open these capsules, spirulina release molecules, enjoy 7-8H natural health treatment services. It is natural to nourish your sleep!

Anti-static fabric:

Features: After finishing addition of an antistatic agent treatment process of mattress fabric, durable and efficient Electrostatic problem solving, bringing pleasant and comfortable sleep experience, reduce the dust from the electrostatic adsorption belt To allergy problems.After finishing addition of an antistatic agent treatment process by the international third party testing laboratory testing of Than to prove, as opposed to ordinary fabric mattress fabric, anti-static mattress fabric can effectively reduce people Transferred or accumulated static charge, improve sleep environment, reduce allergies, improve sleep comfort degree. Mattress fabric adds antistatic finishing agent.

Functional fabrics Development Lab:

Health Series

Healthy sleep environment must be a cleaner environment. Series of health quality of your sleep to heavy Big impact on your mattress quality (durability) the same. The series has a dust mite allergy,Antibacterial series, bamboo fiber, deodorant, spill-resistant, antifouling.


Microclimate series

Healthy sleep requires a suitable microenvironment. Mattress needs to be able to cope with your body Night stop release moisture.


Green Series

Such textiles urged "green health", which are sustainable ecological fabric of Human body has different benefits, make our lives more comfortable and healthy.


Functional Series

Such textiles launched a series of special features including mattress fabric. Such as strengthening the elastic fabric Elastic fabric, which joined in the fabric fragrant aroma fabrics, as well as research designed specifically for women Hair health and beauty series fabrics series of fabrics, as well as fabrics anion, far infrared technology fabrics,Spirulina technical fabrics.